Native Depictions

NOTE: This page is under heavy development and is subject to change.

Sileo uses a revolutionary new format for depictions, which can give your users amazing new experiences whilst browsing your repository. Learn how simple it is to support this new format, with examples.

Getting started

Sileo native depictions are written using JSON. To add support for a Sileo depiction to a package, simply add a SileoDepiction key to your repo’s Packages file. Here’s a (shortend) example package entry for ShortLook.

Package: co.dynastic.ios.tweak.shortlook
Name: ShortLook

Note: The SileoDepiction key will always take prescedent over the Depiction key when using Sileo.


Sileo depictions are composed of tabs, which contain an array of views. Views can be formed from any of the classes listed in the below section.

Root object

Key Type Description
minVersion String Minimum app version required for Sileo to display the depiction. Should be 0.1 for now.
headerImage String (URL) A URL to the image that should be displayed in the header of the package page.
tabs Array of Tab objects An array of tabs that the depiction should display.

Tab object

Key Type Description
tabname String The name of the tab.
views Array of View objects The views (layout) of the tab.

View object

TODO: Document this and classes. SO. MUCH. EFFORT.